Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blood Pressure

The kids were playing pretend. One of there favorite things to do. Anyway Cole says. I am going to go to Chuck E. Cheese to play even though I don't have any money for food. Sadi says, oh dont worry I am rich and we can go together and I will buy a big pizza that we can share. But first I need to go to the hospital to get my blood pressure checked. Huh???? They continue to play and later I here Sadi holler out of the blue Blood Pressure! Cole pipes in Blood Pressure! LOL. Where do they get these things? :)

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Life As A Melchior said...

Wow, crocs huh??? Dylan calls my dad Pa, grampie just sounds old!! I love to listen to the kids when they think no one is-isn't it great!?