Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally a Thanksgiving Post

This year for Thanksgiving we decided almost at the last minute to go and visit some of our good friends in North Carolina. The trip started out as a memoriable one.
One prego adult, 4 kids and a dog driving non-stop through 5 states. Our very first rest stop we all get out of the truck safley except for Cody of course... who somehow falls out of the truck and busts his bottom lip. I turn around to see him on the asphalt, booster seat on top of him. I help him up dog in hand to see blood covering his face. Now I have Cody crying in pain, Cole crying because Cody is hurt, Dutchess (the dog) running around me dying to get to a grassy place to do her business and every truck driver looking at me trying to find some logical explanation for the whole thing. Oh fun! And that is just the beginning of the trip. LOL! It was definitely worth it to be able to spend time with our good friends from our Army days. Love you and miss you Cooks Family and Roger Family!

Cole's lost tooth

Whoo hoo. How exciting Cole has lost his first tooth. Cole has waited what seems like forever in a young boys mind for a lost tooth. Constantly wondering if he would ever loose one. Then all of a sudden in the same month (obviously this was taken before his others left.) he has lost four! This imparticular one was pulled out by wrestling with his sister and getting her hair caught in his tooth. -I have stopped asking for explanations to these things- Poor kid though was sadly disappointed when the Tooth Fairy delayed the tooth/money exchange for a couple of nights due to pregnancy forgetfulness. (Yes I do get to clam the pregnancy card, what I will do afterwords who knows but hey, I will take what I can get.)