Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Diva Party

This party was so awesome... or as a 28... I mean 29 year old women, I surly thought so. So hopefully I have been able to redeam myself from lame tired, prego mom to something a little hipper.
We did braclets, homemade body glitter, pedicure hot potatoe, runway fun and even alittle dress up. The missionarys even helped with the fun by making pony tails for pin the pony tail on Sadi. Which is just one of the other games we never got to.... Sad all the hard work of our 19 year old elders gone to waste... but hey at least I have pictures for our memory book... unfortinitly it did not want to post so I will have to work on that.

Pizza, soda and cake mixed in with a bunch of fun and giddy girls. Who could ask for more. The cakes I have to say I am very proud of. I am not creative by nature but give me someone elses idea and I might just beable to play it off as if I were. I am very proud of my copy cat cakes they were so easy too. If you can't tell what they are... which I will not hold it against you if you can't(not for long anyway), they are a 2 pairs of blue jeans and flip flops.

The birthday girl... This is such a bitter sweet time. Watching your kids grow up not wanting them to and yet so anxious to kick them out right now. Ben had mentioned that our time with Sadi as a child was half way over. *sniff* Another 9 years and she will be a grown women. *sniff* In so many ways she is already so grown up. *blow*
The little turd! She broke her promise again. at the age of 5 we made her promise to not get any older. So far she has broken this promise 4 times. I have proof it is all on video.


Keli said...

Sadi is so pretty...and has grown so much just since i have known ya. Fun party! You are awesome at everything you do!!

vicki said...

Those cakes are awesome! Sophie had a complete blast at that party. She enjoys having Sadi as a friend.